With our relentless courage and commitment, we strive to realize success for all stakeholders.




    Ayumi Sakurai

    Representative Director / Managing Partner

    Ayumi co-founded Yukon Capital Partners in 2014, following his 8 years of successful investment activities at Valiant Partners, an independent mid-cap focused buyout fund, which he co-founded in 2006. Prior to founding Valiant Partners, Ayumi was with Schroder Ventures / MKS Partners, one of the pioneer Japanese buyout firms, for 8 years where he was engaged in various investments ranging from growth capital, buyout, to turnaround. In 1988, he started his career at Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics manufacturer, where he spent 10 years experiencing various activities such as sales & marketing, international business development, and M&A.



    Tomoki Abe

    Representative Director / Managing Partner

    Tomoki co-founded Yukon Capital Partners in 2014. Prior to that, he spent 10 years at Nippon Mirai Capital, an independent mid-cap focused buyout firm, where he was involved in many of its investment activities. Prior to that, he was with Nikko Principal Investments for 7 years where he was engaged in various investment activities - including buyouts in Japan, UK, and US. In 1987, he started his career at Nikko Securities where he provided IPO consultations to various mid-sized Japanese enterprises.


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    Company Name: Ryoshin Tech Corporation / Ryoshin Co., Ltd.
    Business: Semiconductor inspection (wafer testing), test program development and modification of semiconductor test equipment / Sales of general clean

    environment solutions and general factory supplies
    Date Invested: March 2024
    URL: http://www.ryoshin-tech.com/ / http://www.f-ryoshin.com/

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    Company Name: Architec-Planning Co., Ltd.
    Business: Designer and builder of custom wooden houses
    Date Invested: April 2023
    URL: https://www.architec-net.jp/

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    Company Name: S-cubism Inc.
    Business: IT solution provider specialized in retail e-commerce platform and DX consulting
    Date Invested: January 2021
    URL: https://s-cubism.jp/

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    Company Name: SASAYA Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Business: Operator of restaurants in various formats

    Date Invested: March 2020

    URL: https://sasaya-company.jp/                                                                                  

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    Company Name: fitfit Co., Ltd.

    Business: Planning, manufacturing and retailing of women’s comfort shoes, that are functional, fashionable and also hallux valgus friendly

    Date Invested: November 2018

    URL: http://www.fitfit.co.jp/


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    Company Name: Nippon Gijutsu Center Co., Ltd.

    Business: General engineering company providing various technical support, from designing and manufacturing of industrial machines to dispatching engineers

    Date Invested: January 2020

    Date Realized: May 2023

    URL: https://www.nichigicenter.co.jp/                                                   

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    Company Name: Toshin Kotetsu Co., Ltd.

    Business: Processor and distributor of customized precision metal plates

    Date Invested: February 2017

    Date Realized: September 2022

    URL: http://www.tohsin.co.jp/ 

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    Company Name: Shonan Seminar Co., Ltd.

    Business: Provider of private educational services, including group and individual tutoring schools, for children from elementary to high schools

    Date Invested: June 2017

    Date Realized: December 2020

    URL: http://www.shozemi.com/ 

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    Company Name: TANAKA CO., LTD.
    Business: Production and sale of synthetic products for civil engineering / construction (geosynthetics)
    Date Invested: March 2016

    Date Realized: June 2020
    URL: http://www.geo-tanaka.co.jp/en/publics/index/170/